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This page gives us the opportunity to introduce the Lord of Hope Ministries Leaders.


Pastor Roscoe De Chalus is the President of Lord of Hope Association, and the President and Senior Pastor for Lord of Hope Ministries International. 

Roscoe has co-founded this ministry with his lovely wife Revita on August 18, 2002. Pastor Roscoe was a member of Willow Creek Community Church (1991 - 2009) and has volunteered in the programming ministry (Music Ministry) for at least 16 years. Roscoe received his ordination through both Pacific Northwestern Seminary and W.C.M.  Graduated with a Masters of Ministry Degree (Pastoral Ministry) through Masters International School of Divinity July 21, 2007. Roscoe also has a BS Degree in Information Technology.  Currently, Pastor Roscoe is enrolled in school seeking a Doctorate in Practical Theology.

He played Trombone with the Willow Creek Orchestra from 1991 - 1993  and the Studio Band from 1994 thru 2004. Also with misc. Willow Creek bands from 2004 to 2007. Roscoe also volunteers and plays Trombone at Harvest Bible Chapel in Rolling Meadows and Elgin (2008 to present)...and previously was a vocalist and played the Trombone on the worship team at Evangel Church (2010 - August 2011). "His dedication to his faith and to the Church is a strength that we all benefit from". Pastor Revita DeChalus


P.S. I am so thankful to have been taught on a continuous basis by many gifted Pastors and leaders (John Ortberg, Lee Strobel, Nancy Beach, Rory Noland, Gene Appel, Mike Breaux, Dan Webster, Deter Zander, Dr. Bilzikian, to name a few...) through the ministries of Willow Creek Community Church. I also experience growth through the teachings of Pastor James MacDonald and Rick Donald at Harvest Bible Chapel, Pastor Ron Heitman of Evangel Church. Many Thanks specifically to Willow Creek Community Church Senior Pastor Bill Hybels whom I (Roscoe) feel nurtured my spiritual growth from 1991 to 2009 with dynamic teaching motivating change in my life. I was baptized by Bill Hybels in June 1991. My life has changed beyond measure ever since! He unbeknownst to him was my spiritual mentor. Thanks Bill! 


From year 2010 to present Dr. Woodrow Kroll, of Back To The Bible is my Mentor and friend for LOHM radio broadcasts etc...

Wood, your friendship and mentoring has been something only God could have prompted. Thanks for all of your help. You are the best Radio and TV bible teacher I ever heard! 

Pastor Roscoe De Chalus


April 2011 to present I am a Volunteer Writer on Staff for Got Questions.org


Pastor Roscoe also volunteers as a Telephone Ambasador for the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (2002 to Present) and as a Guest Pastor for Timothys Ministry  (2009).


Pastor Roscoe in addition to LOHM, Pastored Timothys Ministry June 2011 - August 2011


Served as a Guest Pastor and Worship Pastor for Eleos For The Nations

April 2013, and August 2013


Roscoe is on the Board of Directors for Woodrow Kroll Ministries

"The Psalm 119 Association"

February 2013 to present

Served as a Guest Pastor at The First Baptist Church Of Big Rock, Illinois

2014, 2015


You can follow me on Twitter:





Revita De Chalus is the Womens Teacher/Counselor for LOHM. She was also co-started Lord Of Hope Ministries with her husband Roscoe. 
Revita received her ordination through both Pacific Northwestern Seminary and World Christianship Ministries. She graduated from Simpson College with a BA in Psychology and has worked in the mental health field for 26+ years. Revita is a licensed Professional Counselor,  She graduated with a Masters in Christian Studies (Biblical Counseling) through Masters International School of Divinity October 2011. Revita is a very creative writer, is very encouraging and always has a smile on her face. She plays a vital role in our daily activities. Revita would like to thank Rev. Dr. Jimmy Henry of the Way of Holiness C.O.G.I.C. for letting God use him in her development, as well as the many gifted teachers through the ministries of Willow Creek Community Church. Revita has done public speakng at a few womens conferences.

Revita also volunteers as a Telephone Ambasador for the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (2002 to Present).

Revita is a Volunteer Writer on Staff for Got Questions.org since 2012.
"Revita is very devoted to the Lord and is an example of faith to us all". She is incredibly patient and always have a smile on her face. Sr. Pastor Roscoe DeChalus


Pastor Roscoe and Revita De Chalus are responsible for all areas in this ministry including Pastoral Care, Sermons writing, Radio, Counseling ministry services, fundraising, web-site development and maintenance, public relations, advertising, music, community service etc... We enjoy setting a vision, writing, reading, teaching, worshiping, creating, providing and locating ministry resources, volunteering and mostly leading people to Christ.



One of the Bands Roscoe served in was the Studio Band at Willow Creek.

Click the following link to enjoying the band playing My redeemer Lives:

Click Here to watch Video

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